The 5 OVAL

OVAL is the most useful and versatile home awareness system for the way you actually live today with 5 distinct advantages over other smart home products

1 / 5-in-1 Sensor
The Most Conditions & Interactions

OVAL is the only smart sensor that can monitor and detect changes in motion, light, temperature, water and humidity-- all at once if you want it to

2 / Small & Mobile
The Most Places & Applications

OVAL provides wireless one-of-a-kind small thumb-sized sensors that can be placed in or on any room, area, or object in your home or business -- and moved anytime

3 / Customizable
The Most Options & Controls

OVAL is the only multi-use smart sensor that meets the needs of those who require real customization in precise and adjustable controls and settings for temperature, humidity, motion and light and water

4 / Multiple Notifications
The Most Alerts with the Most Options

OVAL offers the most notifications options to the most people through push notifications, text messages (x4 numbers), emails (x4 addresses) and phone calls (x4 numbers) - alerting up to 13 people at once

5 / Easy & Versatile
The Best Way to Start or Expand Your Smart Home