OVAL bolsters the capabilities of smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home and smart outlets, lights, shades, locks, appliances and thermostats

  • Be notified when doors, windows or any other area or object detects motion
  • Be notified when there’s a water leak or changes in temperature, light or humidity
  • Ask what the current temperature, light or humdity is in an environment
  • Check in on other locations with an OVAL sensor system such as the office or a loved one’s home

OVAL sensors are 5-in-1 and can monitor and detect changes in motion, light, temperature, humidity and water. -- adding value to multiple smart devices by helping you to create a truly automated and connected home

For Example:

  • Unlock a door when the garage detects motion
  • Turn lights on or off when OVAL sensors detect motion in rooms or objects such as drawers or cabinets
  • Adjust thermostats and turn on fans and heating or cooling systems when temperature or humidity levels are reached
  • Close or open shades when light levels become too bright or dark
  • Turn on the coffee maker when the bedroom or bathroom door opens
  • Start the washing machine or dishwasher when OVAL detects motion as you leave in the morning