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Complete Sensor System


The OVAL Complete Sensor System
has everything you need to get started


One OVAL sensor is included which can monitor changes in


Use it how you need it, when you need it


Sensor can be easily and frequently moved around your home or office
Setup and control each sensor through one intuitive app
Additional sensors are sold separately
Dozens can be connected to one network


*Flood requires the OVAL external flood detector, sold separately.

Product Description

1 x OVAL Gateway
Base station that your OVAL sensors communicate with
1 x OVAL Sensor
Tiny and versatile smart sensor
Access to the OVAL App
Setup, control and manage your sensors and settings here
Removable Sensor Adaptor Housing
Extend functionality by connecting newly created OVAL sensors to your main OVAL sensor
1 x OVAL Gateway AC Power Adaptor
Power supply for the OVAL Gateway
1 ft Ethernet Cable
Connect your OVAL Gateway to your modem or router
6 x Sensor Batteries
Each OVAL sensor uses one battery which can last for several months depending on usage
3 x Double-Sided Adhesive Strips
For adhering your OVAL sensor to an object
Gateway Wall Mount Screw
For mounting OVAL gateway
Technical Requirements
Internet enabled Ethernet connection for gateway and sensor operation
Smart phone, tablet or computer: iOS 8+, Android 3+, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, IE9+

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