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External Flood Sensor


OVAL Flood Detector
Be instantly notified when the flood detector comes into contact with water


Flood detector has a 3 foot flexible cable to position in hard to reach places while protecting your sensor


Use it how you need it, when you need it


Help prevent damage from weather, leaky or damaged doors, windows, pipes and appliances
Conserve energy + save money


*Flood requires the OVAL Complete Sensor System to operate, sold separately.

**Each flood requires an OVAL Sensor to attach to.

Product Description

1 x OVAL Flood Detector
Attach the flood detector to your OVAL sensor via the removable sensor housing
Technical Requirements
OVAL Flood Detector requires an OVAL Gateway to operate AND an OVAL Sensor to attach to
OVAL Gateways are only sold through the OVAL Complete Sensor System package

Internet enabled Ethernet connection for gateway and sensor operation
Smart phone, tablet or computer: iOS 8+, Android 3+, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, IE9+

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