We have built the sensor to be as water resistant as possible.  However, it is important to not allow water to enter the small holes on the OVAL sensor needed to detect moisture and temperature.  We have developed a convenient external flood sensor which easily connects to your OVAL sensor.  This will protect the sensor from water leaks or flood damage and allow you to monitor areas with pinpoint accuracy.

The sensor functions within a temperature range between ­-30 F° / -34 C° and 180 F° / 82 C°.

The OVAL sensor can sense a change in motion, proximity, heat and water. If someone tries to tamper with the sensor by exposing it to a flame, freezing it, shielding its signal, or simply if the sensor has been disturbed, the user will be notified if the relevant sensors have been activated.

The OVAL gateway utilizes an Ethernet cable for your computer connection instead of WiFi.  WiFi has a major drawback because it’s much less secure with an increase susceptibility to hacking.   OVAL’s data communication via cloud technology is encrypted using the industrial standard 128bit AES, the same as is used in secure online banking.   These security strategies make OVAL very secure.

Bluetooth technology did not meet the requirements for our design of OVAL. We wanted a longer communication range and the option to coordinate multiple simultaneously. Our goal was to find a reliable solution that delivers a notification time under 10 seconds between alarm sensing and user notification.

In addition, we wanted to develop a system that could be used with any smartphone, as well as through a web browser. OVAL’s database and notification management is cloud server based, so it doesn’t rely on the use of a smartphone. For example, if the phone battery is depleted or the phone is turned off, the user still receives an email alert or a landline phone call.

Yes. You can use your Smartphone to disable the alarm notification or the sensor completely.

It’s simple and quick. Remove the back plate on the sensor and change the battery.  Visit the support page for a short video tutorial.

Each battery can power your OVAL sensor for an average of 2 months with moderate usage.  Every OVAL unit is shipped with 6 batteries.  Some factors can cause the battery to drain more quickly. These factors include: 1) placing the sensor farther away from the gateway, 2) interference with other devices or objects, and 3) using the sensor in cold temperatures.

Changing the sensor to ‘battery saving mode’ could extend battery life to up to 4 months if the sensor is disturbed infrequently and only monitoring one sensing parameter such as motion or flood.

As with any wireless device, range depends on many circumstances, including where your sensor is located with respect to its gateway.  In a home or business environment, the range can be up to 150 ft.  In line of sight areas with no physical obstructions, the distance can increase.  One you have set-up the OVAL system, your range notification to receive alerts is anywhere in the world where there is cell/internet coverage.

Through the OVAL network, OVAL sensors can communicate and send notifications to a user. In a home network, the connection to the internet will be established by simply setting up the OVAL gateway which is part of an OVAL kit.  More than 25 sensors can communicate through one OVAL gateway.

We have a dedicated iOS and Android app.  The OVAL web app also conveniently works with any Smartphone that has a web browser and an Internet connection.

No. While a Smartphone isn’t necessary to use OVAL, it helps to access your sensors on the road. You can also access and set up the OVAL system through any web browser. In addition to sending you a push notification in case of an alarm, OVAL can also send a text message to any cell phone. In addition, OVAL can notify you of its status via email or it can even call your landline or mobile phone.

Yes.  There are many instances where monitoring more than one parameter will be useful. For example, you could arm an OVAL sensor on your window to detect changes in both motion and temperature.  Or you could place an OVAL sensor in your basement to monitor moisture to help prevent mold and flood to notify if there is a water leak.

It’s easy.  First, download the iOS or Android app on your Smartphone.  Or access the web app on your desktop, tablet, or Smartphone.   Then, connect the OVAL gateway to your internet router/modem using an Ethernet cable (provided with every complete OVAL system).  Then follow the easy set-up instructions on your app. Or, visit the support page for short video tutorials about setting up and using OVAL.


OVAL can sense changes in motion, temperature, humidity, light, moisture, and proximity.  An external flood sensor can be purchased and attached to your main OVAL sensor enabling it to detect water.

OVAL is a small, wireless, multifunction sensor that helps protect the things, pets, and people you care about most.  Whenever this versatile sensor is activated, you will quickly be alerted worldwide by push notification, text, e-mail, or call.

Use your app to place your sensor into ‘battery saving mode’.  While in ‘battery saving mode’, you will not be able to use the light and proximity sensor or the sound and visual notifications.

Once a sensor is activated, you will receive a notification. If the sensor remains activated (For example: Your sensor detects light and the light is still on), you will receive another alert after 3 minutes. This delay is to prevent repeated notifications being sent to you and also acts as a reminder to disable your alarm.

Motion, light and flood have an interrupt feature, which will send a notification within seconds. Moisture, temperature and proximity will send a notification within 10 seconds.

If your sensor is not functioning properly, try reinstalling your sensor. First, you must delete your sensor from your account. Once deleted, use the app to locate your sensor again and then follow the set up process.

Using a pin or other thin object, push the reset button located inside of the small hole underneath the gateway. You will feel a click.

Make sure that the sensor is near the gateway, the battery is connected properly, and the LED on the gateway is solid green. If it still can’t be found, double tap your sensor to wake it up from deep sleep. Next, try removing and then reinserting the battery. If you’re still having problems, try a new battery.

Unplug gateway, wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in. Back out of the gateway set up process and try the process again. If that doesn’t work, restart the gateway by inserting a pin into a small hole at the bottom of the gateway. Make sure you feel the button click and that the LED light on the gateway is solid green. If not, repeat the process.

If you have a firewall set up, you’ll need to add your gateway MAC ID to your connection list to allow your gateway to connect to your internet.

Remove the battery, wait 5 seconds, and replace. Or, try another battery.