OVAL is the smarter sensor system that improves home awareness by monitoring and quickly alerting you to changes in different conditions around the home - - ones with which you can interact and immediately address.
OVAL sensors monitor and detect changes in motion, light, temperature, humidity and water. Based on your settings, OVAL sensors will let you know if something moves, gets wet, too hot or cold, too dark or bright, or too humid or dry so you can address the condition and alert the people you have chosen. OVAL empowers you to react in real time to boost safety, increase comfort, prevent and reduce damage, save energy, time and money and to have peace of mind, anywhere--at your house, second home, office, rental apartment, student dorm or apartment, to name just a few places.
OVAL includes 6 types of notification methods that can alert up to 13 people at once. Choose from push notifications (one or all devices), text messages (up to 4 numbers), emails (up to 4 addresses), or a pre- programmed phone call (up to 4 numbers). An audible tone and LED light on the sensor provides secondary sound and visual alerts.
OVAL sensors can be unobtrusively placed virtually anywhere, in or on any object such as doors, windows, appliances, furniture cabinets, or any nook and cranny anywhere in your home or business. OVAL immediately enables inanimate home objects and areas to transform into dependable “smart and connected” sensoring-locations that monitor conditions you set and provide you with immediate alerts to changes in those conditions. OVAL sensors can be stuck, strung, or placed in or on any room, area or object in your home or business.
Absolutely. OVAL works seamlessly with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Nest, Philips Hue and other IFTTT supported smart devices -- although these are not needed to start your smart home with OVAL. OVAL sensors are a flexible in a powerful way to make your smart home even smarter.
OVAL smarter sensors enable you to monitor and address the most conditions in the most places and applications with the most mobility and the most options and customizable controls, with the most alerts to the most people. OVAL represents the best value in the marketplace, and is the easiest way to start a smart home with the easiest-to-install and use product that delivers the greatest functionality.
OVAL sensors notify you in real-time to countless interactions around your home or office empowering you to take action quickly to prevent theft, improve safety, increase comfort, prevent or reduce damage, save energy, time, money and more.
OVAL can alert you if it detects motion on doors, windows, medicine and liquor cabinets, desks, filing cabinets and dangerous, sensitive, personal or valuable rooms, areas, or items.
OVAL can notify you when dangerous rooms, areas, or objects are accessed (including, but not limited to, equipment, medicine and liquor cabinets, basements, attics, garages and more), or if a light goes out or is turned off creating a potentially unsafe area or environment. OVAL can also notify you if there is a sudden or gradual change in temperature in a room or area by alerting you to conditions that may be too hot or cold.
OVAL can notify you when an area is too hot, cold, dry or humid -- conditions that can potentially create mold or other adverse conditions that can negatively impact health -- particularly important for anyone with children, seniors or health-challenged family members.
OVAL can notify you when heating or cooling systems, bathroom fixtures, furniture pieces or appliances are leaking or failing. Or, if there’s a water leak in the attic or basement from weather or damaged foundation, window or roof. OVAL can also monitor the light exposure, temperature and moisture levels of valuable collections, equipment and other objects – helping to prevent everything from warped flooring due to high humidity to electronics that are exposed to moisture.
OVAL can notify you when lights are left on, doors or windows are left open, or appliances are not functioning properly. In-app analytics allow for monitoring of electric and heating use to identify trends and improve behaviors around your home or business that can reduce energy consumption and save you money.
By being alerted to situations early, OVAL empowers you to act quickly helping you to save time, money and avoid the frustrations that come with discovering theft, property damage and other situations that could have been prevented or minimized through early detection.
Instant awareness isn’t always about knowing when something is wrong. OVAL can also let you know when the dog-walker comes and goes, the kids are home from school, or even when the mail arrives. And with real-time information, you can check in on your home or business anytime, from anywhere in the world for peace of mind on demand.

Many smart home products only provide one or two functions or require a suite of separate products to be purchased, installed and managed. OVAL is the only smart sensor that can monitor and detect changes in motion, light, temperature, water, and humidity.

Monitor one, all, or any combination of sensing features at any time. OVAL can combine sensing features such as; motion, temperature, humidity and water on a window with one OVAL sensor.

OVAL also works with other smart home products through IFTTT (“if this, then that.”) So, for example, your existing IFTTT enabled smart light can be triggered to turn on when OVAL detects motion on the front door.

With OVAL, you can be up and running in five minutes.

OVAL provides wireless one-of-a-kind small thumb-sized sensors that are portable and have the unique ability to be placed in or on virtually any object, furniture piece or room in your home or business. Areas such as desk drawers, cabinets, or individual items can all be protected with OVAL sensors.

With OVAL, you are no longer stuck with buying and forever leaving a sensor in a single, fixed place. OVAL sensors can be moved anywhere, anytime, and as often as your needs change.

OVAL is the only multi-use smart sensor that meets the needs of those who require real customization with precise and adjustable controls and settings for temperature, humidity, motion and light. Sensing features can be combined and easily changed whenever you want with through the OVAL app.
OVAL provides the most notification options available via push notifications, text messages (x4 numbers), emails (x4 addresses), pre-programmed phone calls (x4 numbers), or a buzzer and blinking LED on the sensor itself as secondary alerts in-home. Up to 13 people can be notified at one time so family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers can be notified and help when you are unavailable.
There are zero hassles with OVAL. You can be up and running in 5 minutes. Download the OVAL app, create an account, plug in your hub and link to your wifi, connect your sensors, and instant smart home. No assembly, installation or integration within the home is needed.
OVAL’s versatility and functionality delivers the maximum value available in the marketplace today. OVAL’s reasonably priced position fills a key marketplace gap for everyday consumers, between:
  • Single use, single function sensors with sharply limited usefulness and customization; and
  • Much more expensive, complex wireless or hardwired systems that are complicated to set up, install, integrate, maintain and operate.
OVAL enables you, and only you, to control and access your analytics and data regarding the usage trends of the five conditions that OVAL can monitor in your home. There are no third party tie-ins involved with OVAL nor can anyone else access your data. OVAL also has no microphone or camera on it or in it -- making OVAL the ideal option for apartments with roommates, Airbnb users, dorms, and other shared areas where privacy is important.

Connect dozens of OVAL sensors to one hub for instant awareness with everything that you care about. Connect multiple hubs together to extend the 150 ft range between your hub and sensors to cover areas like attics, basements and garages. You can also connect separate OVAL systems. For example, you can manage and control OVAL sensors at home, at the office, at grandma’s house, and your Airbnb rental all from one account.

The OVAL app can display your OVAL sensors environmental data in real-time. From wherever you are in the world, you can check-in on your home to make sure all is safe and sound for extra peace of mind.

The OVAL app provides in-app analytics to help you understand behaviors and trends around the home so that you can conserve energy, save money and time.

Connected Devices

OVAL is an independent smart sensor system that does not require other products to function. All you need is an OVAL sensor system, a smartphone, and a wifi connection.

Yes. OVAL sensors are a flexible and powerful way to make your existing smart home even smarter. OVAL works with voice activated assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, and with all IFTTT supported devices allowing for a truly limitless number of additional use cases.

OVAL sensors can be placed almost anywhere around the home and can be instructed through your voice-controlled home assistants. You can ask Alexa to let you know when the back door detects motion, or have Google let you know if there’s a water leak in the basement, or ask what the temperature is in the bedroom, and so much more.

IFTTT (if this, then that), is a quick and easy way to get all of your IFTTT enabled smart home devices working together. IFTTT allows your smart home devices to communicate and interact with each other - helping to improve home awareness and automation. https://ifttt.com

Because OVAL sensors actually have 5 powerful sensors inside, OVAL can offer wide-ranging support to many different types of IFTTT-supported smart home products. For example, if an OVAL sensor detects motion on the front door, it can tell your smart lights to turn on. If an OVAL sensor detects a certain temperature, it can tell your smart air conditioner or heater to turn on or off. https://ifttt.com/about


Visit OVAL’s Examples to learn details about how OVAL can help specific people, businesses and environments.

In addition to acting as a great standalone home security system, OVAL is also a great complement to an existing hardwire installed home security system.

You can place OVAL sensors in or on any room, area or object throughout your home. After all, theft doesn’t always happen from break-ins. Want to know if someone went into your liquor or medicine cabinet? Do you have a valuable collection, confidential documents, jewelry or other valuable items in a locked locale in your home for which you want added protection? Place an OVAL sensor inside your cabinet or anywhere else that you want to protect, big or small – and receive OVAL’s real-time, instant alerts when someone tries to access them.

OVAL has everything a renter needs for an affordable, plug and play, fully portable home security system. All you need is a wifi connection – no costly hardwired installations that you can’t take with you when you move or that you might not have permissions from your landlord to install.

Whether you’re going to call your rental unit home for the next several years or if you’re only planning to be there for a short period of time, OVAL has you covered. Take OVAL with you to your next apartment, and the one after that.

As long as the hotel you are staying in has a wifi connection, you can take your OVAL with you on vacation or business travels. Just like at home, you simply setup the OVAL hub with your hotel’s wifi, put your OVAL sensor wherever you want it in your hotel room, and enjoy extra security and peace of mind.

OVAL Sensor System

An OVAL system consists of at least 1 OVAL hub, 1 OVAL sensor, and the OVAL app.

The OVAL hub is wireless, connects to a power supply and your wifi network and communicates with your OVAL sensors and your OVAL app to make sure information is relayed to you quickly and reliably.

OVAL sensors are small, wireless, and battery-powered and can be placed on any object to make it smarter.

The OVAL water sensor is an external sensor attachment that detects water while protecting your OVAL sensor. Every OVAL sensor comes with an OVAL water sensor. The water sensor includes a 1 ft cable that reaches the ground so you can position your OVAL sensor away from damage should it come into contact with water.

The OVAL app is where you create your account and connect your OVAL sensors. Use the app to choose what your sensors monitor, how they monitor it and who is notified. You can also use the OVAL app to check in on your sensors at any time, view analytics, and more.

Whereas other smart home products require multiple sensors for different functions, OVAL’s flexibility means you can cover more with less. The number of sensors a typical family home needs really depends on the size of the home and YOUR needs. On average, one to three (1-3) sensors works well for most apartments and small homes, three to five (3-5) sensors works well for most average size houses and larger apartments, and five (5) or more sensors work well for large houses and multiple story dwellings.

OVAL sensors come with double-sided adhesive tape that can be used to stick your sensors to an object or area. You can also string your OVAL sensors to an object such as a pipe, using the small hole at the top of the sensor. Or, you can simply place it on top of an object or area such as the inside of a desk.


No. OVAL is a standalone smart home system that requires no assembly, installation or integration within the home.

OVAL is zero hassle and takes about 5 minutes to setup once you take it out of the box!

Connect your hub to the power supply (included) and plug in into an outlet. Use the OVAL app to connect to your wifi network to bring your OVAL system online.

Insert the battery (included) into your OVAL sensor. Use the OVAL app to link your sensors to your hub and configure your settings.

The OVAL app is available on the Google Play Store and iTunes store by searching “OVAL Sensor.”


No. OVAL is a standalone smart home system that requires no assembly, installation or integration within the home.

Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer: iOS 8+, Android 3+, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, IE 9+, wifi connection AC power outlet (100 - 240VAC)

The OVAL app is available for Android on the Google Play Store and for iOS through the iTunes store.

The maximum range between the OVAL hub and OVAL sensors is approximately 150 ft.

If your wifi can reach it, so will OVAL. Multiple OVAL hubs can be purchased and linked together to create a mesh network that extends the 150 ft range between your OVAL hub and OVAL sensors to expand coverage to attics, garages, basements and other areas around your home or business.

OVAL sensors are powered by a lithium coin cell battery (CR2477 3V).

Caution: Risk of damage to device or injury to person if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Dispose of used batteries according to local disposal regulations for lithium batteries.

The battery in an OVAL sensor lasts approximately 6 months with moderate usage.

Two (2) batteries are included with each OVAL sensor.

The battery life may decrease if 1) an OVAL sensor is placed too far (over 150 ft.) from the OVAL hub, 2) there are concrete or large metallic objects in between the OVAL hub and OVAL sensor, 3) the OVAL sensor is placed inside a certain type of object that blocks communication with the OVAL hub (i.e. - certain types of refrigerators or safes, or 4) the OVAL sensor is exposed to extreme temperatures.

OVAL detects motion on a 1 - 10 scale. 1 is sensitive and can be activated with the lightest touch. 10 is strong motion and requires the sensor to be moved with significant force to activate the sensor.

OVAL can detect temperatures between -4°F - 140°F (-20°C - 60°C).

OVAL can detect 0 lux (dark) to 1,000 lux (bright).

OVAL can detect 0% - 100% relative humidity.

OVAL is powered by AWS IoT Core (http://aws.amazon.com/iot/) + Zigbee based firmware.

ZigBee is a radio frequency standard that is optimized for low power, low data rate wireless monitoring and control applications present across a large number of distributed nodes. It is based on an IEEE 802.15 standard.

ZigBee communicates using 128-bit cryptographic keys.

Yes. OVAL will send you a notification if the OVAL hub or OVAL sensor are offline for any reason.

OVAL will not work if a wifi connection is lost. You will receive a notification that OVAL is offline. Once the wifi network is reconnected, OVAL will reconnect automatically and notify you when it is back online.

OVAL will not work if power is lost. You will receive a notification that OVAL is offline. Once the power is restored, OVAL will reconnect automatically and notify you when it is back online.


We store your data for thirty (30) days.

We store your data for 30-days simply to generate in-app analytics for you to help you track your sensor data over time.

No. Your data is stored only for your own analytics. We do not sell your individual and specific data generated from your OVAL sensors to any third-party.

You can view your OVAL sensor’s history over the last thirty (30) days in the analytics section of the OVAL app. You can visualize your data over time using an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly view.

You can opt-in to receive OVAL’s monthly reports of your data as a .PDF and .XLS file.

Yes. You can create your own tracking system using the reports emailed to you each month.


OVAL starts shipping in Summer 2019.

Each OVAL Smart Start package includes a 3-month membership unlocking unlimited access to OVAL during this period.

After the 3-months, select a yearly membership or a lifetime membership to continue using all of the features available with OVAL.

Yes, you can. You will be able to use all of the sensing features and receive push notifications without a membership. Without a membership, certain features will be unavailable, including:

  • Access to certain alert types such as text and calls
  • The ability to send multiple alerts
  • Access to in-app analytics and reports
  • Connectivity to other smart products
  • Access to OVAL presets

With an OVAL membership, you’ll continue to have unlimited access to OVAL:

  • Unlimited notifications
  • Unlimited sensor features
  • 30-day analytics of active sensor data
  • Receive monthly analytics reports to your email
  • Connectivity to other smart products
  • Premium customer support
  • Automatic hardware + software updates
  • Access to new features, upgrades, OVAL presets, and more

We find tracking and managing monthly memberships or subscriptions as frustrating as you do.

During the 3-month membership included with your purchase, we hope that you find OVAL to be enough of a valuable and useful way to increase your awareness around the home or office to take advantage of our ability to offer a lower price through a yearly or lifetime membership!

We charge a modest membership fee for several reasons:

  • We are able to reduce the cost of OVAL upfront and pass the savings onto you.
  • Several aspects of running OVAL incur ongoing monthly costs for our company. This includes data storage, SMS notifications, maintenance, customer support to name a few.
  • We can continue to release new updates, bug fixes, improvements, features and other enhancements to continue to grow the value that OVAL offers in protecting your family, home, and belongings by alerting you early to potential issues before they become expensive and frustrating problems.

OVAL is warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. If you would like to return your OVAL system for any other reason, contact us at support@meetoval.com. We accept returns for a refund up to 30 days after delivery of your OVAL system.

OVAL handles requests for replacements on a case by case basis. Whatever the situation, we’re happy to work with you to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Email support@meetoval.com.