Make Anything Smarter
Meet OVAL, the all-in-one sensor that makes it easy for anyone to create a smart home in minutes.
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A Smarter Sensor

Eliminate the need to purchase and manage multiple smart home products. Each OVAL has 5 powerful sensors inside that can monitor and quickly alert you to changes in:

  • Motion
  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Water
Instant Awareness

OVAL worries about your home, so you don’t have to.
Rest a little easier knowing that if something does happen, you’ll be notified right away

Know When…
  • Renters & Homeowners

    Doors, windows or any items detect motion

    Dog-walker, housekeeper, or anyone comes or goes

    Appliances or pipes failing, leaking, overheating or freezing

    It’s too humid or dry which could create mold or affect health

  • Small Business Owners

    Someone attemps to enter after-hours

    Lights are left on or the fridge is open

    If there’s a water leak at 3am

  • Airbnb Users + Travelers

    When guests come and go

    A private or off-limit area is accessed

  • Parents + Other Caregivers

    Temperature in the baby’s room changes

    Too humid or dry in a bedroom

    Light suddenly turns on or off

Peace Of Mind – On Demand

OVAL isn’t just about notifying you if something is wrong.
Check in on your sensors from anywhere, at anytime, to make sure all is safe & sound.

Make Your Smart Home Even Smarter

OVAL connects to your favorite smart home products like Amazon Echo or Google Home.
Ask what the temperature is in the baby’s room or be alerted if there’s water in the basement.

And with IFTTT support, you can connect to other home automation devices for even more possibilities.

Setup. Control. Check-In.

All from one easy-to-use app.

1. Activate Your Sensors
Select which sensors you’d like your OVAL to monitor.
Choose one, all, or any combination.

2. Customize Your Settings
OVAL makes it easy to customize your sensors
by using simple language and controls.

However, OVAL sensors are precise enough to tell you EXACTLY what you’re looking for
Want to be notified when the temperature is below 68° F or above 92° F?
OVAL can tell you.

3. Choose Your Notifications
OVAL can notify you in a number of ways.
In addition to you, OVAL can send alerts to up to 12 additional people at once.
• 4x numbers for text
• 4x email addresses
• 4x numbers for calls
A buzzer & LED on your OVAL sensor provide secondary alerts.